Adventure Beach Day

It’s been a little while (again), I know. No need to point it out to me (you know who you are!). Anyway, a lot has happened. We moved out of our house and onto Surely Sea full time (again), we flew to the states to visit with family for the holidays (I was Cap’n Red Beard), we got Laura’s business running full time (she says her boss is the worst), and the animals have adjusted to it all (and lovin’ it).

Today, we took a day off for some adventure time and just roamed the island, visiting beaches, and eating food.

For now, this appears to be our plan, focusing on the business and living life here with our friends

before heading off island-hopping in the off-season again. There is certain to be a trip to nearby islands soon (I’m looking at you, St. Thomas) and we will keep everyone included when there is! Until then, cheers!

(There’s probably an analogy to floating through life together here somewhere but I’m too sunned out to write it right now)

Captain Red Beard

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