Random Thoughts from the Dirt Home

Since we have been back in Vieques and in our “dirt home” I have had requests and encouragement for continued posts. I didn’t know anyone would still care so here are some random thoughts, in no particular order, I have been having while sitting out on our back deck late at night the past couple weeks.

I miss the boat. That seems silly, I guess, but it’s true and it’s sincere. Laura and I have marveled at how we spent three months onboard hopping from island to island. It was not a vacation; we agree on that. It was different than that. It feels like we were ‘doing’ something, or ‘accomplishing’ something. I don’t know. Anyways, we spent three months together with Abby on a 42 foot sailboat and I can say I have never felt better, happier, or more content. So that is something and I crave more of it. (Spoiler alert) There is a lot more of it coming very soon!

I love leaving my cell phone at home. The most enjoyable moments of the past few months and probably my whole life had nothing to do with my cell phone. I mean, sure, people always say put down your phone and actually live life but seriously, there have not been a whole lot of great moments that had anything to do with my phone. Think about it! Don’t get me wrong, I like technology. I really do. And I am probably somewhat addicted to this phone. Not as much as many people I have known in my life but more so than I’d like to be. But upon reflection, the best moments of the past thee months cruising were without a phone and ‘unconnected’. Sometimes with friends, sometimes with Laura, and sometimes alone on deck counting shooting stars at night. It sounds obvious but somewhat worth saying.

I am torn between nighttime and daytime. The magnificence and childlike wonder I feel at the countless shooting stars even while I type this post tonight compared to the deep-down-to-the-core and nearly overwhelming feeling in the presence of water so clear you can see straight to the powder white sand on the bottom of the anchorage 20 feet down, almost like the water wasn’t even there. There are just so many experiences that I struggle to put into words. Sometimes I feel like I am rambling on and on about the same things but seriously, there has not been a single day down here that any of this has been even remotely taken for granted or gotten even a little bit old.

I wish I could share all of this with my children. Right now. As many of you know they live back in the states and are constantly asking me the most interesting and challenging questions about my pictures and my experiences. Over the years, while they were growing up, we spent most of our time together sailing and exploring and challenging to learn and experience new things. They saw much and I believe they will carry those memories forever. They all plan to come here and I cannot wait to share this life with them but it is my biggest regret that they have not been able to yet but we will work to get them all back onboard a sailboat and exploring soon!

I guess that’s about it. We have tons of family time between now and the new year and we plan on a bunch of local sailing in that time. The plan is to hit the high seas again come the new year so look forward to that! Thanks to all of you for the continued encouragement.

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