Need to get back under sail

Well, we are back in Vieques and in the house taking care of a tedious list of chores we were able to push off repeatedly for later and we both agree that it is already time to get back underway. We plan to let the lease on the house expire and move onto the boat to take on permanent cruising status. The fact is there just is no tenable anchorage here on vieques so we will bounce around the island depending on the prevailing weather when we are here to visit friends and the other islands otherwise. We long for the extensive sailing community on the Dutch side of St. Maarten and the clear and inviting anchorages of the BVI and the ridiculously easy sailing of the Virgin Islands as a whole but mostly we long for what’s beyond the horizon. There is something really special about this lifestyle that has captured us and we cannot wait to get back at it! For now, though, it has been wonderful catching up with friends and to see Frankie, our cat who didn’t make the last three months on the boat with us. He was hesitant at first but has welcomed us back; even his big sis Abby! We have a couple months planned for visiting with family and then we will be back at it. Until then, we will settle for a short trip to Culebra or a weekend in St. Croix. Thanks for following us and we will keep you informed!

Dinner with Frankie at the house!

Surely Sea on her mooring behind Mar Azul in Vieques.

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